Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lets get out of the HOUSE

After all the kids getting the croup over Christmas we REALLY needed to venture out of the house. So last Sunday, I told everyone to hop in the car....we're going to see the lights. It ended up being a fun little outing.
Seeing the Conference center up close and personal :-)


Santa brought us the Wii this year and it has been a hit in our household. Surprisingly enough, Carson has quite a talent in bowling. G&G Cloward couldn't even beat him.

Grandpa Sherm has the perfect stance for a strike!

What in the did that end up in the stockings. I've been hearing a lot of funny noises lately :-)

We got to celebrate Christmas eve with the Schauerhamer side and the kids were ever so helpful on unwrapping the gifts. I don't think G&G tore any wrapping paper that night.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Good Aim

This is Jackson's favoite drawer to play in. It's great because it's in the kitchen and it keeps him pretty well entertained while I cook dinner. I'm thinking his brothers have a big part in teaching him how to use a dart gun :-)

All better now

Tree update - I figured I had so much fun decorating the first tree, that why not do it again :-) I took my poor dead tree back to the lot. I walked right up to the sales man and told him my tree died and I want another one. He shockingly looked at me and said "wow, in all my years I've never had a customer bring back a dead tree. These trees should hold up through the holidays" Hmmmm, ya, thats what I thought...but it didn' I want another one. So he told me to go ahead a choose another one. And I left the lot happy and satisfied with a healthier tree, that was bigger and taller :-) I love the holidays!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Poor Tree

I have been so excited about our tree this year. Its real and I love it. I think its beautiful...not to brag, and it smells great, and I love how the ornaments hang from the branches, and it glows so well at night, and then tragedy struck. Yesterday afternoon I noticed a brownish tint on one of the branches...and the closer I looked, there was a brownish tint everywhere. Ahhhhhhhhh. How could this be. Its only the beginning of December. How is it going to make it until the 25th. It isn't. Man, I can't believe this is happening. This is suppose to be my beautiful perfect tree. So I'm going back to the tree lot tomorrow and giving them a piece of my the nicest way possible. I want my money I can go buy a fake tree like all the other smart people out there!
Jackson really likes spaghetti....can you tell :-)


You are not going to believe this....Santa has let Thanksgiving point borrow two of his reindeer for people to see over the Holidays. Comet and Blitzen are in town, but only until Christmas eve because they need to go back to the North Pole and help pull Santa's sleigh :-)
Carson and Nathan LOVED it.....and even Jackson. They think they are sooo cool since they've seen Santa's real reindeer and have told all of their friends...numerous times. I love this time of year, and I especially love watching my boys get into the Christmas spirit.

This is how Kevin entertains the boys while I"m gone. They decided to get the garbage can out and jump over it. As you can see they got some pretty good air :-)