Saturday, September 27, 2008


Carson has become a loyal cougar fan this year...I think its in his blood :-)
Getting the royal treatment from G&G Cloward
These would be my "blanket boys". Luckily Carson can now keep his on his bed for most of the day, but Jackson's fetish is out of control. He wants to take his blanket EVERYWHERE. I have to sneak it in the washing machine when its dirty or he'll freak out. But deep down, I really love it. Blankets are wonderful, they become a part of who you are....which is why I still have mine in my drawer right next to my bed.His 2 loves in life....blanket and food
Nathan has become a PRO at catching crickets. He usually catches about one a day, comes home and puts it in a jar, and then shows it off to all his friends. We are learning a lot about how to treat living creatures this summer. He doesn't put them in mommy's purse at the store when he doesn't want to hold it anymore, and the new rule in the house is not shooting crickets with our dart guns.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Meet the Incredible Hulks!
Soccer pros in the making
Carson had some very impressive goals scored this season....
and I'm sure Nathan will next season :-)
This is going to be the only year Carson and Nathan will be able to play on the same team. I've loved them playing together and I'm going to miss it.
Coach Donna doing her job

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Onion Days

We thought it would be SO FUN to go to Onion Days in Payson on Labor day. We get to the parade and the boys are so excited. They're on the front row, ready to catch some candy, ready to wave at all the beauty queens and fire trucks, ready to buy cotton candy.....
and as soon as the parade starts....down comes the rain. It POURED the entire time. We ended up leaving early with only a hand full of candy and soaking wet pants :-(
Oh well, at least we tried.


How exciting....Carson is now in "big kid" school. He loves kindergarten and comes home with a new story for me every day. I'm becoming more aware of this schooling stuff and have even figured out the carpool and pickup lanes at the school. Carson made sure I didn't forget to take a picture of spiderman. These things are very important.
I honestly didn't realize how tall Carson was for his age until the first day of school. Here's a couple of his friends from the neighborhood that are in his class. I think there's only one other girl who's as tall as he is.
Here's Nathan on his first day of Pre-school. Once again, we had to show off our back packs.


Emily and I met at the zoo and had a great time. Now that I look at this picture and see the big strollers and all the kids...I realize why I was so tired at the end of this day :-)
Can't go to the Zoo without riding the train
The new merry go round is pretty cool

This merry go round features all the endangered animals.