Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Father and Sons

So I told Kevin to take LOTS of pictures at the Father and Sons overnighter.
This is the only picture he came home with.......Nice! Thats going to make a great scrapbook page in their photo albums.

Sum Sum Summertime

We invited G&G Cloward and Scott and his boys up to the cabin with us and had a great time. Its amazing how entertaining a camp fire can be to a bunch of boys.
Hi Uncle Scotty!!!

I'm pretty sure Carson made this shot

We stopped off at the Jordanelle look-out on our way home

This is what my backyard looks like on a typical day.....kids kids kids!

Family Pics

I think we have about 5 pictures of us together in our almost 9 years of marriage. Either one of us is taking the picture, or we're just taking pictures of our kids. So this ones a keeper :-)

Now thats a lot of grandkids!
FYI - we haven't gotten the pictures back yet of the entire family...I'll post those when we do