Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Park City

We had our Cloward Family Reunion last weekend up at Park City. We stayed at the Mountain side resort and had a wonderful time. We spent most of our time swimming at the pool, we did the alpine roller coaster and just plain relaxed for a few days.
This was Jackson's first time in the pool. He really didn't have any cool reaction to the water. I"m thinking he's still confused and busy trying to figure out his own hands. He looks at them like their from outer space or something.
Carson and Nathan have been my little fishes this summer. We've swam so much that Carson can now swim in the deep end without floaties. His newest thing is going off the diving board screaming as loud as he can before he hits the water.
Carson and Mom going on the roller coaster ride. I was surprised how much he liked going fast. I think we're all ready for Disneyland in October!
Here's Grandma and Grandpa Cloward holding three out of their four favorite grandkids. Jackson was sleeping :-)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Carson, Nathan and Haley hanging out at Nielson Park.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Football time

This picture was taken right after Jackson's four month checkup and he's still full of smiles after getting four shots. He's just growing like a weed and trying to toughen up so he can handle his older brothers a little better. He's a whoppin 15 pounds now and his height falls in the 90th percentile. Hmmm.....could this be our future basketball or football player????
If it were up to dad, he probably wouldn't mind watching him on the football field. Kevin is already counting down the days for cougar football. He's flying to California with his brothers and brother in laws for the UCLA game in September.
Mom finally bought lucky charm cereal which is ALL the boys favorite. The only problem with buying this cereal is Carson and Nathan only eat the marshmellows.....thats nutritious!
This is starting to become a morning ritual with Nathan and Jackson taking over the King bed.

Friday, August 3, 2007


Jackson is already eager and ready to help mom out with the laundry
We had a fun play day with Emily and her kids at G&G Schauerhamers house. Needless to say, it was non-stop fun the entire day. Its amazing how much energy kids have when they get together with their cousins.
a Although Jackson is catching up to Dallin in the height department, Dallin still is ahead with pounds to spare in the weight department :-)

Thursday, August 2, 2007


This is a picture I took with my phone the other night that turned out pretty good I thought. We are extremely blessed to have our three little boys that keep us on our toes.