Sunday, August 17, 2008

Timp Cave

We had a free Saturday on our hands and decided to hike through Timpanogos Cave. I had no idea how steep the hike was, but the boys pushed through it....with a lot of rest stops along the way :-)
Jackson had a grand-ol' time just chillin and enjoying nature
One of the few arch ways along the hike

Timp. Cave cont.

Jackson was fairly entertained just with a flashlight

This is the largest Stalactite in the cave known as the "Heart"
Its a little chilly in here mom...a whoppin 43 degrees
Jackson was way past tired hiking down the mountain

Park City

Carson learned how to FLY in the air at the Cloward reunion
Plenty of boys in this family to pass on the Cloward name :-)
Riding the alpine slide - Jackson had to sit this adventure out

Riding the chair lift up...up...and away!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bear Lake Cont.

A little bit of sand never hurt anyone
Grandpa Steve's first time on a wake board
Way to go Grandpa!!!
Ben brought his telescope to do some star gazing....but after seeing how crazy the kids are with it, he might hold off on this activity for a few years :-)
The WHOLE gang!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Bear lake

Its my favorite time of year.....our bear lake family of the few times my entire family is all together :-)
Carson put on a great firework show for us all. The girls thought is was a little loud though :-)
You can always count of Grandma sue to bring up the Play-doh
This would be the 007 kids...all born in the same year
The boys all kept plenty busy putting a shed together for grandpa