Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Crazy Boys

We'll take any excuse we can get to light fireworks. So on New Years Eve, we lit a couple of fountains and sparklers, said "Happy New Year" at eight o'clock and sent the kids to bed :-)
Strollers are not just for girls!

Remember the days when going for a swim use to be relaxing....those days are GONE!
Cheerios anyone?

Baby Robin

Jackson and I got to fly down to New Mexico with my parents to witness Robin's Baby Blessing. Ben and Stacy are doing awesome and are wonderful parents. We had a great time visiting and getting a better feel for what Albuquerque is like.
I know its a little hard to see in the picture, but Stacy's mom made Robin's blessing dress and it was beautiful. Not too frilly, but not too plain.
Carson and Nathan are beginning to think that nap time for Jackson means playtime for EVERYONE. Jackson loves these moments, I think he feels like one of the "big kids" when they hang out in his room.
Our cousin Luke came over to play for an afternoon and decided to test out the fresh snow in the backyard. They eventually went from sledding to "surfing" down the hill. I thought it was pretty talented myself :-)

Jackson has become the road runner in his walker and can book it across the house so fast now. He loves the refrigerator. Any time I open it, he's right there trying to pull things out. This picture actually depicts him very well, he loves to eat.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas Cont.

We elfed ourselves this Christmas! You should see the dance moves that my boys have. I didn't know they had that much talent. I think every neighbor boy has seen this video of us dancing at least a hundred times :-)
Here's Mr. Scrooge .....aka...Kevin. Doesn't this picture just say it all.
Now this is some real "rockin" christmas music. My parents gave us a show on Christmas day and did a fantastic job. My dad's even started up a band with some of his buddies....I'm not sure if they've ever had a sold out concert, but I've heard they are pretty good.
Santa brought these for Carson and Nathan in their stockings. He sure knows what little boys want.
It snowed a good three inches Christmas Eve which provided some good entertainment Christmas day.