Sunday, September 16, 2007

Schauerhamer Cabin

We decided to take a little last minute trip to G&G Schauerhamer's cabin up in Woodland. We had a great time relaxing and the boys had a great time getting dirty.
Carson is really into spider man at the moment. As you can see with his spider man watch and fishing pole, he was having a grand ol time. Both Carson and Nathan got pretty good at casting the line into the river.
It started raining a little around dinner time, but dad sacrificed for us all and cooked our dinner over the fire.
This picture describes our boys very well....pyro maniacs
Jackson didn't do much, but he was well entertained just looking at all his new surroundings. He especially loved looking at the river.

crazy boys

I see London, I see France, I see Carson and Nathans Underpants :-)
They came home from their friends house with a tatoo. Lets just hope this is their first and last one they will ever have.
Jackson has discovered life in the upright position. He loves playing in his saucer, and the johnny jumper.
Allison loves hanging out with her cousins...especially at Grandma's house where they get spoiled all day.

Its Nathan's new and improved "soft" seat...Jackson's bathtub