Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's a ????

Drum Roll Please..............
It's official!
We are now one boy away from a full basketball team :-)

It's a BOY!!!!!!

And we are sooooooo excited

The top picture is of his two legs and the bottom picture is him reaching for the stars :-)
Now we are just going to have to be patient until we can meet this little guy.
I can't wait!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Egg hunt success! I think my kids finally have this egg hunt thing down now. They've learned to find all the eggs first.......then eat the candy. I think Nathan got about five eggs last year because he ate all the candy in each egg before he got another one.
The Cloward grandkids are growing up. We're down to about 1/3 who actually hunt for the eggs. The "older" 2/3 rds hide them now.

I don't know why I made my kids wear these ears. I feel like the mom on the Christmas Story who makes her son put on the bunny PJ's his grandma made for him. How embarrassing!

Jackson turned two this week and got his very own set of drums....what was I thinking???

Eating breakfast with cousin Allison


There's nothing better than jammin in your own backyard on a warm spring day.
Grandma and Grandpa put on a pretty good show for my boys.

All ready for the slide....don't fall